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cali day Holiday Spirit Photo Contest

December 2014 : On hosted an awesome Holiday Spirit photo contest for members to post photos showing their festive spirit for ...

2 weeks ago
lg g flex 2

Curves Are Back With The LG G Flex 2

The recent CES 2015 brought with it a number of new smartphone releases, but one of the stand out offerings was from LG. The LG G Flex ...

2 weeks ago
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shibuya tokyo

Best Places to Be on NYE

Where in the World – The Best Places to Be on NYE Wherever you are in the world, New Year’s Eve is a night for celebrating. ...

4 weeks ago
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zano drone

Selfies are Evolving with the Zano Drone

Imagine taking a selfie without your arm or a long pole obtrusively taking up part of the shot. What if you could take a shot of you ...

1 month ago
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Mary Loves the Status Updates

I love this site! I love that I can meet people from all over the world and connect with them! I also like the updates ...

1 month ago
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rosalyn on-com

Rosalyn Has Friends Everywhere!

    I’m enjoying it here, I’ve got a lot of friends everywhere because of ON.COM . thank ...

2 months ago
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Social Media Helps The World

 November 2014 Charity: This month at we wanted to help the users give thanks for their blessings and have the opportunity to ...

2 months ago
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The Secret to Living for 120 Years

Everybody wants to live a long and healthy life, and on the whole people are living for longer. Life expectancy just keeps getting ...

2 months ago
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The App: Perfect Travel Companion

Meeting new people and making new friends is something we all like to do, but when you’re in a new city or overseas it can be hard ...

3 months ago
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