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The Man with 1600 Selfies: The Story of ‘This is Me@3’


Imagine if you had a photo of yourself for everyday of your life. Once you’re old and grey you could put them into a book and literally see yourself ageing in seconds as you flicked through the thousands of pages. We’ve all got a whole bunch of selfies on our phones, but there can’t be many of us with 1600 selfies. Well, Patrick Hamilton Walsh has.

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This is me@3

How it All Began


Patrick was wandering through a street art exhibition in Sweden when the idea for his selfie-a-day project came to him. He’s not sure where the inspiration came from, but the ‘This is Me@3’ saga began in May 2010, the start of an adventure that would transform his life. He would take a selfie at 3pm everyday, that would show where he was and what he was doing.


Fulfilling His Dreams


Patrick was an accountant at the time, but he had three dreams in life to fulfil. These were to become a regular at Manchester United, buy a supercar and travel the world. He completed the first two by the time he was just 26, so off he went globetrotting. He sold his Porsche and almost everything else he owned before setting off with nothing more than a backpack stuffed with the bare essentials.


Almost 5 Years Worth of Selfies


As he traveled he kept taking a photo of himself at 3pm each day, and almost 5 years later he has a collection of 1,600 selfies, and counting. Photographs taken across the world in all 7 continents, on his overland trip from London to Sydney and absolutely everywhere else. Somedays he is overjoyed, other days melancholy, sometimes at home in a hoodie, other days on a tropical white sand beach.


His Story


Patrick wrote a book about the whole experience, titled ‘The Backpacker Who Sold his Supercar’. Now 36 years old, he hopes that his amazing story will inspire other people to follow their dreams like he did. You can follow Patrick on Twitter @ThePhoneographr and find out much more about him and what he is doing now at


Sri Lanka

Hiking in the mountains of Sri Lanka – Lumia 1020

Naadam, ‘The Nomad Olympics’

Naadam, ‘The Nomad Olympics’ in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – N8


Last holiday before getting married, Tunisia – Pureview 808

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt – N8


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