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24 Megapixel Camera Coming to a Smartphone Near You


The camera on a smartphone is one of its biggest selling points. Some people buy a smartphone solely on how good the camera is, and it’s always one of the top listed specifications in adverts. The cameras available on smartphones are already quite incredible, with amazing photographs being captured, but things are about to get a whole lot better…


OminVisions New Sensor

OmniVision is a manufacturer of phone camera components, and they have just revealed that they have been working on a super 23.8 megapixel camera sensor designed specifically for smartphones. The company has already been involved in some big smartphone releases, like the Project Tango 3D smartphone from technology giant Google, so they have the reputation to really shake up the smartphone camera industry. They have stated that, as far as they know, there is no other image sensor for a smartphone camera that can capture a higher resolution photo at an aspect ratio of 4:3 than their new offering.


Amazing Capabilities

The new sensor will be able to shoot and capture still images at a rate of 24 frames per second, and for video it will be able to record at a rate of 60 frames per second. A 24 megapixel camera sensor is something unheard of in Android smartphones. Nokia has released a 41 megapixel camera on a smartphone that runs Windows Phone, but no Android or Apple smartphone comes close. This new sensor will have a dramatic effect on the clarity and sharpness of the photographs taken with it.


When Will We See It?

OmniVision have not let much out of the bag regarding when the first smartphone to use the new sensor will be available. In fact, there is now news about which phone manufacturers they will partner with, so we’ll have to keep our eyes and ears open for any developments and let you know as soon as we do!

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