3 Ways That Dating Apps Create More Time



These days the world is fast-paced and people want shortcuts to make their life easier. This is true even in the world of dating, as with the rise of the Internet and connected mobile devices, there are now lots of dating apps that people are using to meet other people. These dating apps can help the date seeker to find that special someone faster and easier than ever before for several reasons.

New Apps Require Less Information

People are busy these days and tend to use things like dating apps to help them find a match quickly that is usually nearby to where they live or work. Some of the newest dating apps for mobile devices don’t require as much information as the full web-based versions in order to sign someone up and help them start searching for a match. More advanced dating apps are allowing users to link directly to their Facebook accounts with a “Sign In With Facebook” option so that everything happens with the ease of one click. Traditional online dating sites are now figuring this out and are starting to cater more to this fast paced generation of young people looking for love with mobile versions.

The majority of these dating apps do manage to be comparable to the online dating sites if not more successful. The mobile apps tend to be more playful and flirty and encourage users to check their messages more often. Studies are showing that today’s generation is the happiest with how an app works if it allows them to sign up quickly with a simple connection interface and start right off browsing for a match-up.

Messaging in Real Time

Rather than going home and sitting at a desktop or laptop to check your inbox full of messages apps feature notifications and alerts. Alerts range from someone checking out your profile, liking a photo, or sending you a message. The real time messaging feature allows for the users to engage in conversation here and now. Rapid response leads to more interaction and greater likelihood of getting together. The in the moment availability keeps the chemistry going at a faster pace.

Location Based Apps Offer Speed, Convenience

Many of today’s dating apps are location based, which means the potential date is close to the selected area where the seeker is located. When using a dating app, most people aren’t interested in a long get to know you type of relationship, they are likely to just pick someone and meet up that same day for some sort of casual date.

The fact that the newer apps are location based makes this much simpler and easier than the old fashioned online sites that draw out the meeting process while the person could be thousands of miles away. For instance, has a “near me” feature that allows people to use their time scouting out a nearby potential meet up by showing all of the photos of people nearby who are signed up with the service.

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