5 Smartphone Camera Lifehacks


Aside from selfies and holiday snaps, there are a whole bunch of different ways to use your smartphone camera. You may already use it to scan letters or record business cards, but here a few things that you probably haven’t used your smartphone camera for yet. Next time you find yourself in these situations reach for you phone for help with one of these 5 lifehacks .


Replacing a Battery or Lightbulb

We all know the frustration of taking a trip to the store to replace a lightbulb or battery and coming home with the wrong size. Don’t let it ever happen again by taking a photo of the broken lightbulb or empty battery and comparing it to the new one in the store. Voilà!


DIY Repairs

If you’re trying to fix something you have never fixed before, beware, it could end badly. To help you try taking pictures of every part you remove in the order you remove it. That way when it comes to reassembling it you’ll know exactly what parts and in what order they have to go back together again.


Having a Haircut

Next time you’re at a hair salon or barber shop take a photo straight after you’ve had your haircut. Then when the need for a trim rolls around again all you have to do is show the photo and say you want it like that!


Price Checks

If you still go to the stores to shop around then keep a check on prices by taking a quick snap of the thing you’re looking to buy. If you find yourself in another store and the price is more, then show the owner the photo and see if they will match it to save some cash.


Missing Food

If you live in a shared house and have one refrigerator between all the residents you’ll probably know too well that sometimes food goes missing. Just to make sure you’re not being paranoid snap a picture of your tub of ice cream if you think your roomie is helping themselves to it. Compare the next day and if some is missing then at least you have evidence to back up your accusation!



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