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5 Ways To Go World Cup on Social Media


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Written By Matt Heckler

The World Cup is one of the biggest athletic events in the whole world, so just about everybody will be talking about it. No matter which social media is your favorite, chances are that you’ll be seeing a lot of coverage from your fellow fans. Whether it comes in the form of fan excitement or outrage at the results, or news reports and score updates from the World Cup and its teams, we’ve got you covered on a few important steps to keep connected during soccer’s biggest event.

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1. Keep Checking the #WorldCup Twitter Hashtag

EVERYBODY will be using the #WorldCup hashtag on Twitter throughout the World Cup. If you want to see what everybody else thinks about the match you’re watching, chances are that the #WorldCup hashtag will be place to go to get the entire range of opinions. Want to bond with fellow supporters of your favorite team? Chances are, you’ll find ‘em using the Twitter hashtag. Want to have some friendly trash-talk with the other team? #WorldCup hashtag. Just remember to play nice!

2. Vine Your Reaction Videos

Did your favorite team just score, and you want to share your enthusiasm? Vine it! Just use the same #WorldCup hashtag on the Vine of your awe-inspiring excitement or heartbreaking disappointment, and you can share with your fellow Viners. You’ll definitely have tons of exciting and hilarious videos to enjoy, as you can have a good time enjoying the satisfaction when your team beats theirs in a nail-biter.

3. Blog Your Soccer-lovin’ Life Away

If you write about sports on a personal blog, or have always been meaning to, now is the time to do it. Fans everywhere will be scouring the web for more content about the World Cup, and you can definitely pick up some new followers and readers by writing about the games you watch. Have some in depth analysis on why Team A lost to Team B? Share it with the blogosphere and you’ll enjoy some new traffic. If you aren’t blogging there already, we highly recommend Tumblr for more casual blogging, or WordPress if you want to make something big and professional.

4. Use Facebook’s New World Cup Hub

The world’s biggest social media is also joining in on the craze, as Facebook as launched a hub where you can see all of the trending topics for the World Cup. They are also using the #WorldCup tag to keep an eye on what posts are getting the most likes, shares, and views in the world of World Cup soccer. It’ll make for a great news source and a good place to get in on the action if you can get enough friends to like and re-share your big updates about the World Cup.

5. Join a World Cup Google+ Group

If you love Google+ for networking as much as we do, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a handful of World Cup Soccer groups popping up for our shared obsession with all things soccer. Post the coolest links you find on the web about the World Cup, and promote all of the great blog posts you’re whippin’ up during the World Cup! Hundreds of people are already posting content on these groups; the fun has already started!

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