6 Best Summer Internships


Your summer internship could be just another boring week of filing papers or it could be the best 12 weeks of your life. Get set for an awesome internship by throwing your hat into the ring for one of these 6 winners.



1. Zappos

zappos praying mantis Zappos-1

Known for their crazy antics and focus on customers, Zappos hosts a challenging 9 week internship that is also a barrel of fun. Merch, business or tech – there are opportunities for all. Bonuses include getting to live in Vegas (baby!) for 9 weeks, enjoying a fun work environment and seeing the fire breathing praying mantis that resides on campus. No joke!



2. Google



No surprise here! If you are into tech or innovation this one is the holy grail. The 11 week internship has competitive pay, free gourmet cafeteriabreakfast, lunch AND dinner, massages, game room, rock climbing AND you’ll be working for Google! Now, that’s a pretty good gig! It is the company that inspired the movie “The Internship” so we definitely aren’t the only ones with this impression.  If you want more information… just Google it.





3. Bain & Company’s Summer Associate Internship

Business and law students get the chance to work on live cases and earn $10,000-$12,000 per month compensation at this fast paced, Boston based internship. Plus, Bain & Company’s hires almost 100% of their interns. The ‘foot in the door’ perk of this internship puts it in the top 7. Not to mention the in house Bain Band Cafe.

4. The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Students working with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences through a Princeton Internships in Civic Service opportunity.

Students working with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences through a Princeton Internships in Civic Service opportunity.

Environmental Science or Oceanography your passion? This one is not to be missed. Spend the summer working on a North Atlantic Island. A research cruise to Antarctica? Scuba diving at St. George? Sounds pretty good, right? This internship gives you the opportunity to use new technology to explore the oceans above and below.

5. RedBull

Brian Schack (USA), Adam Skube (CAN), Tristan Dugerdil (FRA), Pieter Gysel (BEL)  - Action

Do you have wings? Than this one might be for you. Looking for interns with a passion for marketing or advertising RedBull has opportunities in Seattle, Santa Monica, Atlanta and more. Be a part of the team that made an energy drink synonymous with the extreme.

6. Facebook

A staple in the world of tech, Facebook offers a 12 week program for students pursuing engineering, sales, design or analytics. The free food is a definite perk, but even better is that after a 6-week intern ‘bootcamp’ Facebook asks you what you want to do instead of just assigning positions as they see fit. Imagine having control over your future with this tech giant.


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