6 Second Success: How Brand Marketing Is Buying Into The Vine World



On Vine, followers are king. Having a few million of them could have you raking in the money too. Companies are flocking to popular Viners with thousands of dollars, if only they will promote their brand in the unique way that only Vine can.

vine marketing

An entirely new advertising industry has been created and on the forefront is the company Niche , “All the worlds creators, in one place”. They work as the middle man to connect popular Viners with companies ready to pay up for an endorsement boasting a total reach of 446, 043, 587 users.  Brands can cruise through top creators across 8 different platforms and sign up to take their marketing next level from the unique and creative angles of many Vine celebrities. Diversity and creativity being a key benefit that has brands willing to pay up to 6 figures for 6 seconds of exposure.

And with one viner Nash Grier raking in over 7 million followers quickly seconded by King Bach with 6.2 mil, why not!? The opportunity for companies to target markets at the heart of their community is almost too good to be true. And at only six seconds, the cost of producing Vine adverts is way below the cost of a full television campaign.

profile - Nash Grier

Viner Nash Grier

So if you’re following one of the top 20 viners, remember that their endorsements are most likely for sale-  but if you’re looking to make some extra flow yourself, might we suggest making a million new friends and setting yourself up for six second success?

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