6 Signs We Are Living Like The Jetsons


Although we are still a few years away from flying cars and cities in the clouds, it is looking more and more like we are living in the world of The Jetsons. Technology has come a long way since the cartoon was originally on TV, but we’ve actually gotten a lot closer to that reality than we think even the creators of the show thought was possible. From robot vacuums to talking cars, here are 6 signs we are living like The Jetsons .

1. Voice-Controlled Thermostats

It must have been pretty awesome when TV remotes originally came out. Because of technology like that, you could lazily lie around watching TV, and it didn’t even require standing up to change the channel. The technology has finally arrived to do the exact same thing with our thermostats! When it gets too hot or too cold in the house, we don’t even have to get off of our butts to adjust the temperature anymore.

Jetson-Vaccum2. Robot Vacuums

The robot vacuums of our real world may not be humanoid, and they may not talk like Rosie, but we don’t even have to vacuum our own floors anymore. Thanks to iRobot and similar devices, we just let ‘em run and they’ll clean up after us, and they’re even programmed not to fall down the stairs! It doesn’t get much better than that.

3. Siri

For those among us who crave human contact but never seem to get it right, there is now Siri. Want to talk to someone who won’t judge you for going to Taco Bell six times this week? Siri is right there on your iPhone or iPad, waiting to give you directions to your next cheesy beefy burrito meal. Need to figure out the correct tip after a night out? Siri’s got your back. Now, we just have to get her to cook our meals for us.

4. Hybrid & Electric Cars

Okay, so maybe they’re not FLYING yet, but technology in cars is making such big leaps so quickly that we can’t help but wonder if we’ll be flying our way to work in just another decade or so. Gas is hugely expensive, so these advances in technology are not only nice to our wallet, but will have a big long term impact on the kind of pollution we’re letting into the air. Here’s to hoping we’ll have flying Teslas sooner rather than later.

5. Meal Replacement Barsjetsons011

It has been a trope of futuristic sci-fi forever that we’d someday take our meals in pill form. Although we haven’t quite gotten to that point yet, we now have shakes and simple protein bars that can give us all the calories and nutrients we need. Sure, they taste mediocre and don’t give us any of the satisfaction of digging into a big Christmas dinner, but at least we’re getting more and more like our favorite sci-fi heroes, right?

telemedicine-jetsons-sm6. Video Chatting

Although The Jetsons wasn’t the only sci-fi to feature video chatting, we are definitely doing that more and more these days. Whether you’re Skype-ing it up or hitting up your friends on Apple’s Face Time, we’re basically living that part of The Jetsons for real. Unfortunately, we are not cartoons, so we have to deal with making sure we don’t have bad hair days when people gotta see our faces.

Which technology from The Jetsons are you most looking forward to?



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