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profile picSocial media is dominating all areas of the internet. It has rapidly replaced porn as the #1 reason people are getting online. With that, and the influx of online daters streaming in from New Years resolutions, your profile picture is more important than ever before. Articles on how to get the perfect profile picture are popping up everywhere so we have gone through the lists and brought you the Top 5 articles that will get you that perfect profile photo you’ve been dreaming of.

Internet Psychologist Graham Jones wrote “in one study where people were shown just images of people on Facebook they decided they were the outgoing kind of individuals they would like to follow. But, when the pictures were shown together with the profile text, the same judgement was made – in spite of the fact that the profiles said things like “I’m a boring stay-at-home type”. The influential power of the profile picture only increases throughout the years as society becomes even more visual. just look at Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, or the new layouts that websites are taking to get users attention.



    1. How to Take Flattering Photos of Yourself  :
      It’s time to refresh your image! Maybe you want to show off that new do, or maybe you want to show the world what you look like unshaven. If you want to take decent pictures of yourself for Facebook, G+, or something else, just follow these simple steps.

    3. 5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Profile Pic :
      No matter how much quality information or witty repartee we send out into our social networks, first impressions are almost always visual. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the first thing we see when checking out a new Twitter follower, Facebook friend, or LinkedInconnection is a profile photo. And in a world of quick clicks and divergent attention, if the photo you present isn’t eye-catching, or illustrative of your personal brand, you may miss your shot at making a positive first impression.

    5. How to Take a Great Social Media Profile Picture in 4 Easy Steps:
      In the real world, we all make an effort to look our best when meeting new people. We make sure that we have on clean clothes. That we brush our teeth (mostly). That welook good. It all goes to show who you are, your personality, and your ability to not look like Pigpen with a laptop.

    7. How to Take the Perfect Profile Picture :
      You never get a second chance at a first impression. The Internet has changed many things, but not that old bit of wisdom. First impressions can be as indelible when made online as in real life, and in the era of social media, profile photos can play a major role in making them. Having a great profile photo on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter may impress the social media friends you already know, but it can be even more important for your flagship shot to make the right impression on ones you don’t know yet — especially when they might be deciding whether to hire you.

    9. 101 Extraordinary Self-Portrait Ideas to Spice Up Your Facebook Profile :
      Do you feel uninspired? Have no models or interesting subjects available? You are the best model and photographer at the same time! You can always take a picture of yourself. A self-portrait has been a popular form of expression since man first saw his own reflection.


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