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Allie Cameras – A Selfie From Every Angle


Technology just keeps pushing the limits, and the new range of Allie cameras boast some truly amazing features that can be used to astonishing effect. Essentially the camera allows for 720 degree image and video capture, meaning that an entire room can be captured along with all the occupants in it. Imagine a family get together with people in every corner of the living room. The Allie camera would create an image with everyone in it. But that’s just the start…


The All-Lie


Allie is pronounced ‘All-Lie’, like selfie but with ‘all’ instead of ‘self’. Capitalising on the popularity of selfies, the Allie camera allows for three dimensional 720 degree images to be taken, so a selfie isn’t just about a picture of yourself anymore. The Allie will capture what is above you, below you, in front of you and to the side of you. You can then move and pan around the image, in a similar fashion to a panoramic, to explore the photo.


Youre In Control of What You See


When it comes to the video feature, you can stream the video from a smartphone or tablet to see what the Allie camera is seeing. You can then alter the perspective to see all different angles. The best example is to put the Allie camera in the middle of a room, and pain around the entire room to see all four corners, the ceiling, floor and everything in between.


Home, Play, Pro


There are currently three different models of the Allie camera available, the Allie Home, the Allie Play and the Allie Pro. The Allie Pro is designed for more sophisticated surveillance and retails at $3,000, but the Play (a rocket shape aimed at kids) and the Home (a contemporary simple design to fit in any room) are just $500. For this level of technology the Allie camera offer great value and are very powerful. Watch an Allie Camera in action in the next video:



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