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Amazon Fire 2: Can They Get It Right This Time?


Amazon launched their Fire Phone in the summer of 2014, and before the end of the year the majority of tech experts and consumers had written off the companies inaugural smartphone. Amazon worked hard to bring new innovations to the smartphone market, but ultimately failed to deliver on their promise of a ‘breakthrough in smartphone technology’. Reasons for the flop of the first Amazon Fire Phone have been blamed on the hundreds of bugs that plagued the system and its high initial price of $649. Despite the unequivocal fail of the Amazon Fire Phone, the company is not ready to quit.


Amazon Determined to Make an Impact on the Smartphone Market

 Apple and Samsung dominate the smartphone market, and with so many other players vying for space Amazon really is up against it. The Fire 2 will really have to impress if it wants to lure consumers away from these trusted brands. Some experts believe that Amazon should quit now to avoid further embarrassment, but some details about the new Fire 2 Phone have already emerged.


What to Expect From the Amazon Fire 2

Not a great deal is known about the Amazon Fire 2 Phone, but what is known is that developers are working hard to fix the many bugs in the Fire OS software. The new device will feature system updates and bug fixes that should eliminate many of the problems users had with the first Fire Phone. These include things like being able to control the music player while on the lock screen, an updated Firefly application, much broader language translation facilities, and being able to add your own custom ringtones.


Learning From Their Mistakes

If Amazon want a fighting chance in the smartphone market there are still many more improvements that need to be made. A choice of screen sizes for the Fire 2 is one of them, along with more powerful hardware components to match those of Apple’s and Samsung’s flagship models. Making sure it is available across different mobile network providers is another, and last but not least, it needs a slicker, more original design to really stand out. Expect more news on the Amazon Fire 2 Phone leading up to its release, which isn’t expected until sometime in 2016.


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