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Announcing Winner of the January 2015 – New Years Resolution Contest


The On.com January 2015 New Years Resolution Status Update contest was so inspiring! It was incredibly hard for our team to pick our the top New Years Resolution but we nailed it down to one that stood out among all the rest. We’d like to congratulate Lynn , 30, from Washington for submitting this touching resolution. We really hope that this $250 Amazon Gift Card will help you and your son along your path for 2015.



on contest winning resolution


Some resolutions motivated us , inspired us, and made us laugh … ( *ahem* Justin from Omaha with this squirrel problem ). We wish you all the best in your New Year and invite you to try again for the $250 prize in our Valentines Day Contest . Here are a few more notable resolutions…

resolution jokeresoay it forwardreso 4reso 2reso hydratereso 3reso 5reso tlc for izzyreso greek goalsreso sleevereso 7reso 6reso most likedreso do it for duck seasonreso - pkurreso feel good


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