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Best Places to Be on NYE


Where in the World – The Best Places to Be on NYE

Wherever you are in the world, New Year’s Eve is a night for celebrating. From one side of the globe to the other, parties start in New Zealand and Australia first, before heading west across the world, from Hong Kong to Delhi, Istanbul to London, Sao Paulo to Los Angeles and beyond. Some places throw a bigger party than others, and we’ve rounded up some of the biggest!


Beach Party! Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro


The beach in Brazil for New Year’s Eve, what’s not to love? But this isn’t just any beach, it’s the famous Copacabana Beach, and it’s here that Brazil’s best end of year party is thrown. Lost of samba, live music and international DJs are on hand to keep everyone dancing, and the caipirinha’s keep flowing until the sun comes back up on New Year’s Day. There is also an awesome fireworks display from barges out to sea, as if the ocean itself is throwing fire into the sky.


Crazy Clubbing! – Shibuya, Tokyo

shibuya tokyo

If you’re ready to throw yourself in the deep end and become immersed in a Japanese New Year celebration then hold on to your hat and head to the Shibuya district in Tokyo. The famous road crossing is here, and so are a whole bunch of nightclubs. The young and trendy decent upon these establishments after midnight, so wear your coolest threads are rub shoulders with Tokyo’s finest. For a place to start try Sound Museum Vision. Oh, and if you’re wondering what ‘Happy New Year’ is in Japanese, it’s ‘Akemashite omedetou!’


Confetti in the Cold! Times Square, New York

time square nye

The tradition is over 100 years old already, but it still hasn’t got old. The masses descent upon Times Square, more and more ever year, to see the giant geodesic sphere slowly drop from the sky above them before the crowds are covered in confetti. The popularity of NYE at Times Square means you’ll be standing around in the cold all afternoon and right up to midnight if you want a good spot, but its all worth it, if only once in your lifetime!

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