Blood Sport: The Video Game that Sucks Your Blood


blood sport

Battling it out on a video game is much safer than trying to do the same in real-life, but the lines are being blurred with a new concept video game developed by 2 Canadian friends Taran Chadha and Jamie Umpherson. The pair  have fought it out on a television set for years, and their idea for actually having blood sucked out of your arm when you take damage while playing Mortal Kombat came a long time ago. Now that idea has actually become a reality, with ‘Blood Sport’, the video game that sucks your blood.


How It Works

This new concept video game really isn’t so complicated. So when you’re playing ‘Blood Sport’ the controller you use will vibrate when you get punched, kicked or hit in any way. This vibration then sets off suction of a small amount of blood from a tube already inserted into your arm. The more damage you take, the more blood you lose, but the more damage you inflict, the more your opponent loses. You obviously couldn’t play this game for hours on end.

Kickstarter Kicks Them Out

The partners have already built a prototype and attempted to raise money for the project through Kickstarter, but after raising just $3,000 of their $220,000 goal the crowdfunding website kicked them out. It may have been a blessing in disguise though, because the media coverage generated has done much more for the awareness of ‘Blood Sport’.


Blood Sport + Blood Donation = Innovation

The theory behind the purpose for ‘Blood Sport’ actually has a public-spirited aim; a clever way to encourage more blood donations. Inviting people to play the game for free could sway a person to donate blood in a situation where they would not normally. The competitive element should also mean that increased levels of blood would be donated. Chadha and Umpherson are now looking to partner with a blood clinic to see if ‘Blood Sport’ can become a reality.

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