Breaking Down Language Barriers: Google Translate is Leading the Way


The Google Translate app has been with us for quite some time now, but all the new work developers and linguists have carried out on the app has transformed its capabilities. The latest release incorporates some technology from another leading translation app and also brings real-time conversation translation to the table.



Speak to the World

Plenty of reviewers have tried and tested the new Google Translate app, and it is far from perfect, but it has taken a bold step into the realm of real-time translation. Currently it can help you hold a simple conversation like ordering coffee or a meal, asking directions or booking a hotel room in a variety of different languages. Google is claiming it allows seamless chat between people speaking different languages, and while that is not strictly true at the moment, it certainly could be a possibility in the future.



Remember Word Lens?

A great language app that came out for smartphones a few years back was Word Lens. The app allowed you to point your phones camera at a sign in a foreign language and it would translate the sign into your preferred language before you very eyes. This was paid for app and was limited to French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian, but now Google has bought Word Lens and integrated the feature into its own translation app, for free.



Even Better Things To Come

Overall Google offers a very powerful translation app with Google Translate, and you know that they have the research and development capabilities to keep troubleshooting and updating it into something truly awesome. For language learners it is a great way to speed up learning, and for travellers the old paper phrasebook could soon be redundant. If you don’t have it download it now.


Google Translate is available for Android and iOS.




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