famous belfies

Bringing the Butt Selfie to a Whole New Level – The BelfieStick


famous belfies

Before we had even got used to taking regular selfies there was a new kid on the block. The butt selfie, or belfie, rose to fame in the shadows of the selfie. Anyone with a cameraphone snapped photos of their behind, and even the rich and famous rose to the occasion. Celebrities began taking photos of their butts in the mirror and posting them on the internet for all to see. The guys over at VH1 even collected up 20 of the best celebrity butt selfies to display in all their glory. With so much hype around the belfie, it’s time to take a closer look at the selfie’s naughty sister.


Butt Selfie: The Breakup Belfie

Earlier this year the breakup of model Amber Rose and rapper Wiz Khalifa sent a buzz through entertainment social media, and Rose’s Twitter account at the time was pouring out with tweets of a broken heart. Soon after she filed for divorce and claimed Khalifa cheated on her, but then he hit back with a rap about a gold digger that was, most probably, aimed right at her. The stage was set for the breakup belfie, and so Rose struck back with a breakup belfie to slap down Khalifa and take on the likes of Kim Kardashian for belfie fame.


Amber Rose vs the Iconic Kim K. Belfie

Amber Rose vs the Iconic Kim K. Belfie

Move Over Selfie Stick, the BelfieStick is Here


While the selfie was made easy with front facing cameras on phone, snapping the perfect belfie is a more difficult endeavour. Belfie takers have come up with a variety of ways to snap shots of their butt, and using a mirror is a favourite. But just like the selfie stick was created to snap a better selfie, now there is the BelfieStick, an extendable stick with bendable arm that lets you adjust the angle to take the perfect selfie. It also comes with a Bluetooth button so there is no need to set the camera timer.


Taking Pre-Orders Now!

There is no need to use the mirror or ask your friends to take pictures of your butt anymore, the BelfieStick allows you to take perfect belfies simply and quickly. Head over to BelfieStick.com to reserve yours now!


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