Cannes Film Festival Bans Selfies in 2015


The glitz and glamour of Cannes Film Festival will be starting in just a couple of weeks, but this year there will be one thing that won’t be allowed. For all the movie stars and celebrities who will attend the prestigious international film festival (who are probably used to doing whatever they want) the selfie ban might be hard to swallow. That’s right, the director of Cannes Film Festival, Theirry Fremaux, has announced to everyone invited that no selfies can be taken while strutting along the red carpet.


No Small Screens at this Celebration of the Big Screen

Fremaux has made the bold move to ban selfie taking by guests arriving at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès because of the time it takes to get everyone inside. He explained, “We don’t want to prohibit it but it’s really a matter of timing. We have a certain amount of time to get people across the red carpet and up the steps and it really slows things down if people stop every two metres to take a picture of themselves, with themselves.”


Logic Behind the Ban

While it may seem like a strange thing to do, Fremaux’s decision is actually a logical solution to the problem that many invitees to the festival will spend too much time on the red carpet if they are snapping selfies. Gathering friends around, trying to find the right angle and taking multiple shots will all create a bottleneck when guests arrive at the venue.


Loathing the Selfie

So the ban has a logical reason for being imposed, but it seems that Fremaux actually has strong feelings about the selfie, and not good ones. He revealed that he thinks taking selfies is, “a practice that’s often extremely ridiculous and grotesque.” He even went on to add that he hopes the ban he imposed will, “slow down the contemporary practice.”




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