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Cash In On Your Selfies with Stylinity


Now it seems there could be a legitimate excuse for obsessive selfie taking, because you can actually make money doing it! Random snapshots of your face aren’t quite going to cut it though, and for this gig only the hip and stylish need apply. In an attempt to partner together leading fashion stores and everyday fashionistas, the new Stylinity app allows selfie takers to tag clothes from big brand stores in their photos. The same goes for jewellery, and even home decor like pillows and furniture. If items are sold through buyers clicking on the photo, the selfie taker gets a commission. Kaa-ching!


Part Shopping App, Part Social Media

So Stylinity is half social media network and half shopping app, bringing a whole new paradigm to the online shopping experience. The concept it’s pushing is ‘fashion modelled by real people’, and rewarding these real people for promoting products. If you want to try it out go to a fashion store, say Urban Outfitters for instance, pick yourself out an outfit, try it on in the changing rooms, then take a selfie, but remember to include all the clothes in the shot too! Then scan the barcodes for each of the items you’re wearing using your phone, and upload the photo to the Stylinity marketplace. You can then share a link across all your social media accounts, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and so on. If someones sees your selfie and clicks to buy, you’re taking a cut!


The Rise of Social Commerce

Stylinity is calling these type of photos ‘Shoppable Selfies’, and the company is part of new type of ‘social commerce’ that we are likely to see much more of in 2015. Chances are by the end of this year you’ll be seeing ‘Buy Now’ buttons next to products shown on social media so you don’t even have to leave your favourite networks to make a purchase.


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