CES 2015 The Next Essential Phone Accessory: The Selfie Flash


The range of accessories for taking selfies just seems to be getting bigger and bigger, with the new selfie flash from Lenovo being the latest addition to this hot market. Chinese electronic company Lenovo launched the Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash in conjunction with it’s new Vibe X2 Pro smartphone, but the $30 accessory has attracted much more attention than the $500 smartphone.


A Long Name for a Small Device

The Lenovo Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash should really have been titled better, but lets overlook that marketing flaw for a moment. What the Vibe selfie flash brings to the table is a quick and easy way to dramatically improve selfie photos in low light conditions. It’s small, relatively inexpensive and compatible across most Android devices (iPhone will have to wait for now). Lenovo did design the Vibe selfie flash specifically for their Vibe X2 Pro smartphone, so you’re advised test it first before buying to avoid any disappointment.


The Specs

It works by plugging into your smartphone’s headphone jack, so it’s positioned just above the front facing camera as long as your headphone jack is on the top of your phone (sorry again Apple). It then syncs itself with the camera shutter, so the flash goes off at exactly the right time. Eight white LEDs are found inside of the white ring, and these small but powerful lights can flash around 100 times on a single full charge. The accessory is actually very compact, making it easy to pop into your pocket and carry around with you, but we’re not so sure how durable this handy little flash is yet.


Many More to Come

Will the selfie flash be a success? If previous selfie accessories are anything to go by it will, and don’t be surprised if other smartphone manufacturers follow suit and release their very own selfie flash devices. To see this piece of kit in action watch the video below:





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