How to Kick Start Your College Social Life


A college student’s social life is all about meeting new people, finding the best bars and parties, and of course sharing their awesome memories with friends. But if you’re stuck in your dorm room not knowing who to call or where to go, your social life might need a swift kick start. We’ve got a list of the best apps to help you meet new people, connect with others on campus, and get home safely from an epic night on the town.


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Think Instagram meets social discovery, for the cool college kids. Use it to meet and get to know new people in your local area or from around the world, all through photos. With you can like and comment on the photos you see or private message other users. You can also set your account to private and share photos with just your closest friends. Photo filters will help you make sure every selfie you post looks good.


Connecting you with your campus and co-eds, Oohlala is the perfect mash-up of personal planner, social calendar and extra-curricular activity finder, all specific to your college campus. Use it to post comments on your Campus Wall, share schedules with your friends, keep track of campus events, clubs and courses and interact with students near your location.And with your campus map already loaded into the app, you never have to look like the lost first-year student during the first week of classes.


College Social Life

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Record the moments from that amazing night you might otherwise forget with photos AND video. See what your friends are doing and tag locations and people in your photos so they’ll know where to meet you. Upload or watch 15 seconds of video – just enough to enjoy without being bored by someone else’s idea of a good time.


Who doesn’t have a Facebook page? Whether you’re a serial status updater or not, you can enjoy passing the time scrolling through your news feed. In college, you can use Facebook to meet new people, stay connected with old friends, make party plans for the weekend, and maybe even share notes or plan a study session or two.

College Social Life

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Taxi Magic and Uber

There are a ton of taxi apps online to help you get home safely. Save your favorite locations to your address book in advance to send directly to the cab company…no more yelling garbled directions at an irritated dispatcher.

Both Taxi Magic and Uber allow you to store a credit card, so you never have to worry about having cash or worrying whether those annoying credit card machines in the cab will actually work. Each of these apps will email you the receipt, so you’re never left wondering if you tipped the cabbie an extra $20 last night.

Uber will even provide you with a private driver, so you can feel like a big shot on your big night.


ON is a party no matter what. Embrace the awesome. Use it to meet people locally & worldwide through photos. Download our app for free and meet people through photos.

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