Control a Car From Your Wrist?! There Could Soon Be an App for That


With the release of the much hyped Apple Watch less than a couple of months away we’re already seeing sneak peaks of the possibilities this new wearable gadget will bring. One of the most astonishing apps to expect has to be the app for Tesla vehicles developed by Eleks Labs, a developer group based in Ukraine. With the app you’ll be able to control many of the functions of your Tesla electric vehicle from your wrist. Check out the next video to see how the app will look:



Full of Functions

The app is still in the prototype stage, but the developers have said it would take a simple step to launch a fully working application. With the app you’ll be able to check the battery level of your Tesla car and the range of your vehicle in relation to its charge. You’ll also be able to lock and unlock your car, open windows and the sun roof, and even alter the temperature inside the vehicle for the driver zone and passenger zone separately. A couple more of the features include being able to honk the horn and turn the lights on and off.


Room for Improvement

It all of those features aren’t enough for you, then the developers of this app will sympathise with you. While there are happy with their creation, they have commented that they could make the app much more powerful if it wasn’t for the limitations of the WatchKit. Unfortunately for third-party app developers, there is no access to the Apple Watch’s accelerometer, gyroscope, bluetooth, or built-in microphone and speaker. Here’s to hoping Apple pick up on the discontent from developers in time to stop them losing faith in the new smartwatch.



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