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Your Country’s Most Popular Emoji


Ever since emails and text messaging became a popular form of communication, the smiley face and all the other emoji now available have been used more and more by everyone across the world. However, not everyone uses emoji in the same way. Different countries add different icons to their messages, and finally we have the results of a study into the intriguing use of emoji. Waht is your country’s most popular emoji?


Results from Around the World

SwiftKey, a keyboard app, dived into the information stored in its cloud to analyse more than one billion bits of data. From this it was able to deduce a number of interesting facts about emoji usage, and how countries differ in their use of emoji. First up here is one that might come as no surprise; the smiley happy face emoji is the most popular in the world, accounting for almost 45% of all emoji use on a global level. In second place comes the sad face emoji, with just over 14% of all emoji use, and just behind in third is the heart emoji, with 12.5% of global usage. Interestingly, France is the only country in the world where the happy face was not the number one used emoji, instead the heart emoji takes the trophy here.


What Does Your Country Say About You?

When looking at the type of emoji used in particular countries, some trends were found. For instance, it is Canadians who use the smiling poop emoji more than anyone else. When it comes to romance Russians lead the way, who uses emoji with a romantic theme three times more than the average. Heading down under, it was revealed that Australians are leaders when it comes to using vacation and junk food emoji. They are also keen drinkers, logging double the average use of emoji with an alcohol theme. To find out more about how the world uses emoji, you can check out the entire SwiftKey report here.




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