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Do’s & Don’ts of Drunk Texting


It used to be that people would make inebriated calls in the middle of the night to their ex or their would-be boyfriend or girlfriend. This is always a bad idea – nobody wants to listen to a crying drunk at 2am. It won’t seem charming, and it won’t endear you to them. The new version of this is drunk texting. Though they don’t actually hear your slurring voice, drunk texting is generally a very bad plan.

That said, there are a few occasions where drunk texting can actually be a good idea, especially if you’re texting a helpful friend instead of that person you’re obsessed with. Here are the dos and don’ts of drunk texting.


proofreadDO:  Proofread Before You Press Send

This rule actually applies anytime, whether you are drunk or not. Sometimes autocorrect can run amok, and come up with bizarre sentences that were not what you meant to say. However, given the increased chance of misspellings when you are drunk, the probability of an autocorrect fiasco goes way up. Take a minute to focus your bleary eyes on that message before you send it on its way.


DON’T: Text Angry Messages

One thing alcohol can do is release your inner anger, and another thing it can do is remove your common sense. The combination is particularly dangerous when it comes to sending angry texts. Whether it’s to your boyfriend, your best friend, or your boss, sending an angry text is not a good idea.  Just type the message into your Notes, save it privately on your phone, and you can revisit it the next day in more sober circumstances.


DO: Text A Friend For Feedback On A Risky Idea

plateSay you’re out having drinks one night, and think that it would be quite a blast to go jump in the river. Or you see your ex at a party, and think it would feel so good to make a scene and tell him exactly what you think. Before you actually do any of these things, text a reliable friend, first. Chances are they can talk you out of it before you do something you might regret.  Usually, the thought of doing these things is much better than reality.


DON’T: Confess Anything You Wouldn’t While You’re Sober

83740613Sometimes a few drinks can bring out some pretty strange memories, along with the desire to share those shameful moments with somebody. You could share that mortifying experience from college days with a stranger at the bar, and even that is better than texting it to someone you know. If you wouldn’t tell people when you’re sober, then don’t write it when you’re drunk. This also works in the opposite direction. You will likely have exaggerated emotions and might tell someone that you love them or want to have their babies and wake up to regret it.


DO: Remember That Texts Leave Evidence

83740619Unlike a drunk phone call, a drunk text leaves a lasting trail. The recipient can keep it on their phone for as long as they like. They can show it to other people, or even post it online somewhere, for the whole world to see.  Just think of the embarrassing (and self-destructive) celebrity texting you’ve seen. Before you press Send, just think – would you want this to be posted online? If not, then just erase that text and put your phone away.


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