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Double Your Smartphone Battery? Dyson Could Have the Answer



Despite all of the wonderful things our phones can do there is always that one thing that strikes fear into our hearts… the smartphone battery life. Scrambling under cafe tables looking for a power port or rushing home for a recharge, our smartphones are only as good as their battery lasts. Without battery life it’s just a chuck of metal, plastic and glass in your pocket. Luckily some people are at work to make smartphone batteries much, much better.


Lithium-ion is Old Tech

The type of battery that the vast majority of smartphones use is a lithium-ion battery, a liquid-based battery that was first introduced to the world in 1991 by Japanese electronic giant Sony. Since than very little has been done to improve the actual amount of energy these types of batteries can hold. Almost 25 years later a small development team from the University of Michigan may have the answer.


Dyson and Sakti3 Team Up

British vacuum innovator Dyson have recently joined forces with little-known battery developers Sakti3, who have been busy working on a solid-state battery. This type of battery can effectively cut the size of batteries in half because it uses solid lithium electrodes instead the traditional mix of liquid chemicals. By storing twice as much energy as a lithium-ion battery of the same dimensions, solid-state batteries can quickly double the battery life of the next generation of smartphones.


$15 Million Investment

Dyson has pumped $15 million into the new battery technology, and has agreed to help Sakti3 bring these super batteries to market. The founder of Dyson, James Dyson, explained, “Sakti3 has achieved leaps in performance, which current battery technology simply can’t.” Hopefully we will be seeing solid-state batteries in smartphones, and a whole bunch of other electronic devices, soon.





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