Dubsmash – You’re the Star of the Show!


No doubt you’ve seen a few Dubsmash videos in your Facebook feed already, and some of you might have even installed the app and tried it out on your iOS or Android device. If you have never heard of it, here is the low down. Dubsmash lets you easily record a video of yourself while a movie quote, music track or funny sound is played over the top. You talk, sing or shout, and the sound is dubbed over your voice with some hilarious results. See how it works in the video below:



Selfie Videos with a Twist


The love of selfies develops even further with Dubsmash, combining a selfie video with your favorite sounds, music and quotes. The library of different ‘dubs’ you can use is growing everyday, and you can even add your own sound to you own video by selecting it from your media library. You can also save your favorite sounds, create a library of all the Dubsmash’s you make within the app, and share them directly to social media within the app. With so many different possibilities available, it is unlikely users will get bored of Dubsmash anytime soon. Check out this Dubsmash compilation:



Hugely Popular


At the time of writing, the Dubsmash app currently ranks number 1 in the Google Play top charts, and number 2 in the App Store top charts. It has only been around since the middle of November, but it really is taking the app world by storm. It has become hugely popular in Europe, especially France and Germany, and this popularity is likely to continue into the UK and US, and probably the rest of the world. Download it at the App Store or Google Play.


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