Ello – Are Facebook’s Days Numbered?



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Ello ello ello, what’s all this then? It seems there’s another social media network that is living up to everything Facebook offers, minus everything that people detest about the world’s most notorious social network. It’s called Ello, and it prides itself in being a social network that collects zero personal data and doesn’t make a penny from advertising. Intrigued? You should be.


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The “wall” of ello

The Fastest Growing Social Network in the World


Ello has definitely got Zuckerberg and his cronies at Facebook spooked after exploding on to the social network scene just over 8 months ago. Ello is still in beta, and it is operating an invite-only system where you submit your email address and await an invitation. Rumours are the guys at Ello are inundated with requests, so don’t expect them to get back to you soon if you do ask for an invite.


ello manifesto

The ello Manifesto

Attracting Investment


So how do Ello make money if they don’t sell advertising like Facebook does? Well, they are selling t-shirts… But seriously, at this stage they are really relying on investment, and have just got their hands on $5.5 million thanks to a group of venture capital firms. Ello has incorporated itself as a public benefit corporation, which means in their corporate charters a social mission for public benefit is laid out. They want to build a social network that is about communication, connections and building networks, a place you can be a part of without having to put up with advertising.


A Bright Future


Things are on the up for Ello, and who knows exactly what the future will bring. This time next year it could be real competition for Facebook. It is only a matter of time before something challenges the hegemony of Facebook, and it looks like Ello could be the best contender yet. If you haven’t already, go to ello.co to check out what all the fuss is about.

a message from ello

A Message From ello

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