Fitness Apps for a Fresh Start to the New Year


As we get stuck into 2015 and another year full of promise, now is the time to come good on those New Year’s resolutions to get, or stay, in shape. Keeping fit has never been so easy with so many different apps designed to give your body the exercise it needs. We’ve hand picked three of the best fitness apps out there to help you get started. Ready, set, go!



Nexercise have developed an app called Challenges that treats your workout like a video game. Earn XP when you complete challenges to boost your level ahead of competitors, and link up with friends, family and work colleagues to challenge them! It aims to spur on competitiveness and challenges you to complete exercises like levels on your favourite game. It’s a fun way to get more out of your workout, and it’s available for iOS and Android.



Carrot Fit

Be amused at the same time as getting fit, with Carrot Fit and their 7 Minutes in Hell Workout. Throw any serious notion out the window, but stay serious about losing a few pounds and staying in shape. Hilariously named exercises, like Celebrity Face Punches, break the mundane fashion of many fitness apps. There is very little not to love about Carrot Fit, perhaps the one thing being that it is only available for iOS.





Endomondo is one of the most successful fitness apps ever, and for good reason too. It’s kind of like a personal trainer, but an electronic one that lives in your smartphone. Whether you want to run, cycle, swim or any other exercise, you can log it all in Endomondo. A full record is kept, and you can share your progress with friends through its social networking functionality. With 25 million users and counting, no wonder it is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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