Fiverr Faces: Professional Drawings of Your Selfies


The art of selfies is progressing at an alarming rate, and so are the apps that promise to transform your standard self portrait photo into something special. The latest app to be released that has your selfie in its sights is Fiverr Faces. What this app does is actually not very revolutionary at all, but the results you can get are quite something. Instead of a normal photo of yourself, you can be the proud owner of a professionally drawn picture of yourself, but it will cost you (just a little bit).


Your Work of Art

Fiverr Faces is in the business of connecting selfie takers with professional artists, so that you can get a customized digital drawing of yourself to show off. Whether you want to add something a little bit different to your profile page, or just share it with a few friends and family members, a great drawing of your best selfie is a cool thing to have.


How It Works

So when you open up the app you’re asked to upload your selfie, and then you’re asked what type of stylistic theme you would like to use. You have a variety of choices, like Pop Art or Impressionist, and you can see past drawings to get an idea of how a particular style looks. Once you have made your decision you place an order, and this is where the tricky aspect of money comes in. So to get your Fiverr Face you have to pay $10 for a 5 day delivery time. If you want to fast track your new face you can have the drawing delivered within 48 hours for $15.


Download the App

If you are interested in commissioning a stylized illustration of your favorite selfie then head over the Apple App Store and download the Fiverr Faces app for iOS. Unfortunately the app is not available for Android yet, but expect this to change in the future.



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