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Google Fit: The Answer to Apple Health for Android


Google has just released their fitness focused web based software and smartphone app to the world, aptly named Google Fit. After Apple’s Health app launched with iOS 8 in September, Google have been quick to catch up. In fact, an early version of Google Fit has been available on Android Wear smartwatches, but only now has it become available across the board, on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

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Keep Track of Everything in One Place

Pulling together information from all those health and fitness apps you have on your smartphone is the general purpose of Google Fit. It allows you to connect multiple devices, like wearable trackers and smartwatches, and connect to third-party apps. So the idea is that you can see data from a running app like Strava alongside data that you input yourself, like your weight. A history is then created as time goes one, enabling you to easily and efficiently track your progress.


Syncing with Android WearGoogle Fit report

The latest smartwatches fitted with heartbeat sensors that run Android Wear are able to easily sync with Google Fit on a smartphone or tablet, so then you have your number of steps per day along with a record of your heart rate. As motion sensors and GPS tracking becomes involved in the whole health and fitness app experience, the nature of the data will become very useful in planning fitness regimes and dietary plans. You can also set yourself goals and personalize your settings so the app feels very much a part of you and your fitness.


Not Quite Up to Par

While Google Fit is a fine offering to the fitness conscious, it does lack a little something when compared to the comprehensive nature of Apple Health. Google Fit is, as the name suggests, all about fitness. Where Apple Health trumps the offering from Google is that it incorporates diet, allergies, and other aspects of personal health along with fitness. Google Fit is just fine, but it doesn’t quite match the well-rounded and comprehensive Health app developed by Apple. However, this is sure to change in the future and with the next update.

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