HealthySelfie: 5 Foods That Will Increase Your Metabolism


Want to look good in your selfies without taking photos from a downward angle with a slight turn to hide your stomache?   Increase your metabolism to burn away the excess fat and rock a full frontal abs angle in no time . Regardless of the goal, a high metabolism rate is achievable and this is through maintaining well balanced diets.

There are particular types of foods that are effective in boosting a person’s metabolism rate and these include:

1. Green Tea

Caffeine can be on either side of a person’s metabolism rate; it can improve or worsen it. The key issue is to consume the perfect amount of caffeine. It is recommended for each day, that one take 400mg. This equals two cups of strong coffee and this is where green tea comes in as a   healthier option. Green tea helps in oxidation of fats and also gives the body a caffeine boost and this makes it just the right option.

2.Chia Seeds


Containing fiber, protein and omega-3 fats, chia seeds are among the best whole grain options for increasing the body’s metabolism. They not only help in reducing one’s appetite, but also in burning the body’s fat through stimulating glucagon, which is a fat-burning hormone. Chia seeds are tiny, although when soaked in liquid for approximately ten minutes, they swell and this betters their effects to the body. Soaking chia seeds in almond milk then mixing them with raw almonds can be a great idea of eating them.

3. Watermelon


Watermelons contain a type of amino acid know as arginine, which helps in the reduction of weight. This important nutrient, when included in a diet will help in the reduction of fat accumulation through oxidation, and helps improve the development of lean muscle.

4. Grapefruit


Grapefruits are important insulin regulators for the human body. Insulin levels affect the way the body burns calories and hence storage of fats. The lower the level of insulin in the body, the faster food gets processed and this helps in burning more calories.

5. Spices


Spices are a popular option for increasing the body’s metabolism rate, as well as for weight reduction. Hot pepper is an example of such spices as it contains capsaicin, which is a chemical that kick-starts the metabolism process in the body. The chemical is also important in that it delays the process of burning calories long after one has long finished taking their meals. Other spices such as garlic and alliums are also crucial in helping increase metabolism and also reduce weight gain.

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