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kloutScore_0Written by: Jessica Kohl

More and more, your Klout score is becoming an important way for businesses and brands in the social world to evaluate you. Having high Klout makes you eligible for Klout Perks where brands will send you freebies in order to have you post and share your feelings about them. The Klout score itself is a pretty simple idea: it quantifies your overall influence on the internet across all social media on a scale of 1-100. Every time you make a tweet or a Facebook status update, and someone responds by commenting, sharing, or retweeting you, you gain Klout based on the keywords you use on the post.

For example, if you tweet something about how awesome the new episode of The Walking Dead was, and a dozen different people retweet it, you’ll find the next day that your Klout on The Walking Dead has gone up. This is done not just through hashtags, but also by just having the words in your status. Klout users can also manually give you Klout in particular topics that they think you know about, similar to how a LinkedIn user can endorse a particular skill you have.

The best way to establish a decent Klout score quickly is to engage in long back-and-forth Twitter conversations with people using @ replies. Every time someone replies to you, it affects your score. The more people you do this with on a given day, the bigger your Kout will get, as there are hugely diminishing returns for just having a conversation with a single user. Working keywords into the conversation is a must, but this should come naturally if you’re actually discussing something of merit in the conversation.

Another way to boost your Klout is through Facebook. The effect of you sharing someone else’s post and getting it re-shared seems to be negligible. If you find a funny picture that you think your friends will like, share, and comment on, your best bet is to save it to your hard drive and re-upload it as a new post. That way, Klout sees you as the originator of the post. You can still credit the original poster in your comment, but this method DEFINITELY makes a difference in increasing the amount of Klout you’ll get.

The Klout standard that seems to carry a great deal of weight  is Instagram. If you share a photo that receives a large amount of likes and comments your Klout shoots up. As wil anything it is quality of quantity. The more users who also have high Klout that you engage with and follow you the greater your Klout score will grow.

Perhaps most importantly of all, give Klout to others. People who see you giving them Klout on their favorite topics are very likely to reciprocate if they are active users. Don’t be so bold as to directly request Klout, as that reeks of desperation (Kind of like asking a celebrity to follow you on Twitter. Ugh.), but just keeping active on the site will help get you more Klout.


( photo cred and for a more comprehensive rundown of Klout  http://www.miriamslozberg.com/get-the-full-scoop-on-klout-here/ )

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