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How To Deal With Sending A Selfie You’ll Regret


shameless selfie

It seems like everyone is taking selfies these days. Many celebrities regularly post selfies, and a good portion of the population is in on the trend- even Obama! According to a recent poll from, 38% of respondents have taken at least one selfie, and some people snap them much more frequently…and even more of their Starbucks Cups. In the Great US of A  a recent study from the Pew Research Center says 91 percent of teens have posted a photo of themselves online. 1 in 10 people take between 5- 15 selfies before finding a postable angle.  Sometimes these are great, and you look “Gorge bae!” with at least 21 likes, but occasionally someone takes a selfie they regret. Here are a few thoughts on avoiding those regrettable photos.


tumblr_n2pa2xaPdW1qz5q5lo1_500There Are Levels Of Regret

The most common reason that people regret sending or posting a selfie is that they realize that it wasn’t a very flattering shot. When you post a photo of yourself with your eyes half closed, you may look at it the next day and wonder why on earth you shared that. It’s not an attractive look, but this type of problem is relatively harmless.

At the other end of the regret spectrum is sending nude photos of yourself to a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you break up with them later, is s/he the type who would get  revenge by posting those photos of you online, or sending them to  friends? Is this something you really know for sure? This is the type of problem you really don’t want to face.



Think Before You Share

About a third of the people who take selfies end up posting them on Facebook. Many others are sent directly to a friend by text message or sent through a service like Whatsapp, Instagram or our very own app.  The key is to remember that what is shared online may be out there forever. Even if you go back tomorrow and remove your photo from Facebook, someone else may have already saved a copy of it and it could resurface later. When you send a picture via text, the person can keep it on their phone and share it later however they want. Once you share your selfie you lose control of when or where that picture could reappear. Lets hope its not your future wedding ceremony.


Snapchat Isn’t Foolproof

Snapchat is  designed to send photos to a friend that self-destruct in a few seconds. While this could be used for something as simple as photographing your pet acting silly, some people use Snapchat for sending nudie pics. If you’re contemplating this, think twice. Even though your Snapchat image will disappear within 10 seconds, the recipient could take a screenshot of that image and keep it forever. All it takes is  nimble thumbs and your nudes could be blasted throughout your social network.


tumblr_mt3mx7YD6Q1r26ulno1_500Don’t Post Pictures When You Are Drunk

It is never a good idea to post selfies on when you are intoxicated, or anywhere for that matter, OR send them to your latest lover. Alcohol lowers people’s inhibitions, so that you may end up taking a selfie you wouldn’t in normal circumstances. It also impairs the sense of good judgment, meaning you are more likely to send or post something unwisely when intoxicated.  As if that’s not enough, a drunk picture of yourself is unlikely to show you at your best.  With all that liquid courage you may think your make a hot mess when really … you are just a mess. If you want to snap away while under the influence feel free to take all the selfies you want, but a good rule of thumb is to keep those pictures to yourself. Save them until you’re sober, and then decide if you want to share them or not. Do not give in to peer pressure to post!!



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