Hyperloop – From LA to San Francisco in 30 minutes


With an average speed of just under 600 mph and a top speed of 760 mph, the Hyperloop will transport passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in half an hour. Elon Musk presented this concept to the world in August 2013, and now there are a group of technicians ready to make the concept a reality. Calling themselves Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), this select group of technicians will spend their own free time, unpaid, in pursuit of making Hyperloop a reality, and it could be so in a decade. Here’s a quick overview of Musk’s idea that is being worked on right now.


Can Hyperloop Become Reality?

There is still much work to be done before there is even a working prototype of Hyperloop, but the release of a new 76-page document with details of all the research carried out by HTT indicates progress is being made. The report is full of information about the safety aspects and technical specifications of a working Hyperloop, and details on how many of the assumed problems with building this type of transportation device can be overcome. HTT estimate that their proposed Hyperloop link between LA and Las Vegas can be completed for $19 billion at the high end, and just $7 billion in the best case. They also said the initial figure of an average travel speed of 600 mph was too high, with their estimate being a top speed of 470 mph. Read the entire HTT report to see what else they uncovered.


Getting It Off the Ground

The main obstacle in Hyperloop’s way is persuading enough people to believe that it really can become a reality and is a viable alternative to existing transportation methods. Musk is reportedly toying with the idea of funding a prototype version of the Hyperloop to garner interest in the project, get even more people onboard, and show something tangible to skeptics.


A Network to Cover the United States

Looking forward into the 21st century, if Hyperloop can work between 2 cities in the first instance, there is hope that all the major cities of the Unites States can be connected using the high tech transportation method. Dallas to Oklahoma City, Chicago to Detroit, New York to Pittsburgh, Orlando to Miami, and the list goes on. A complete network could make it possible for passengers to travel from one coast to the other just using Hyperloop.



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