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Innovative Entrepreneurs Under 25


You are never too young to create something amazing. These three companies are all led by entrepreneurs under 25 making something completely new . They didn’t let their age stop them from launching their dreams.

1. sOccket – Jessica Mathews and Julia Silverman had an idea while in college to create a soccer ball that doubled as a portable generator intended to light up communities with limited access to electricity. The Soccket only weighs 1 ounce more than a normal soccer ball. Through perseverance, asking the right questions and pursuing the right design their product is taking pre-orders and nearly ready to launch. What started as a class project has become a full-time passion. http://unchartedplay.com/soccket/

2. Gobble – Ooshma Garg founded Gobble in San Francisco, a service which delivers meals freshly prepared by local chefs. This new kind of ‘fast food’ is a concept that is growing, but when Ooshma was getting started it was her persistence that made her dreams a reality. Now she has over $1.2million invested and a Linked-In co-founder on her board. https://gobble.com
















3.The Thirst Project – Seth Maxwell is founder of Thirst Project, which is working to bring clean drinking water to the world. So far the project has completed 829 water projects in 11 countries and Thirst Project does vital follow-up on every well and filtration system to ensure that the clean water access remains.

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