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Is There a Selfie Stick in Your Stocking this Year?


Is There a Selfie Stick in Your Stocking this Year? How about a BelfieStick? 


You can’t have helped but noticed the rising prevalence of self sticks this year. At first sight they drew giggles and second looks, but the selfie stick has not died a quick death as many fads have in the past. It seems that the selfie stick is definitely here to stay, and manufacturers are recording booming sales in the run up to Christmas.


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The Global Rise

The selfie stick’s origins began in Asia, where the device has a loyal following and now even laws have been introduced regarding their sale and use. For instance, in South Korea retailers who sell unregistered selfie sticks can be fined in excess of a whopping $25,000! Selfie sticks can now be purchased across the globe, and they are on their way to becoming a must-have accessory.


Demand Skyrockets Ahead of the Holidays

It seems that the craze has drifted down into Australia, where the Sydney Morning Herald has reported that hundreds are being sold daily in the run up to Christmas. Over in the UK retailers are burn buying stock to cope with the huge demand over Christmas. An inexpensive, fun, novelty gift that is the perfect for the holidays, it looks like the selfie stick could be one of the top gifts stuffed into a Christmas stocking this year.



The Belfiestick!

Innovation comes in many forms, and there was always going to be a successor to the selfie stick if it really stuck with consumers. So, without further ado, it is time to introduce the Belfiestick by, the first smartphone compatible device designed to make it easy for you to take awesome photos of your backside. No more bending and arching, the Belfiestick makes snapping you rear end a breeze. To get yourself on the mailing list got to

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