It’s Christmas! Apps to Get You in the Spirit


The holidays are coming, and in the spirit of Christmas the time is nigh to take a look at some of the best festive apps out there for your smartphone. There are tonnes of  Christmas apps available, but these three are some of the best, tried and tested. Download these three apps, available for iOS and Android, and you’ll soon be full of Christmas cheer!




Hilarity ensues with the ElfYourself app. It’s simple, take four photos of yourself, friends or family, place their faces into the holes of the Christmas elves faces, then sit back and watch the show! A festive jingle and awesome dance routine will have you in stitches. Send the video around to everyone in the show, or post to social media and let everyone see your creation! ElfYourself is available at the App Store and Google Play.


NORAD Tracks Santa

The North American Aerospace Defence Command have tracked down Santa and will be keeping an eye on him over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day morning. They have all the details on his sleigh and the 9 reindeers that power it, listing its max speed as ‘faster than starlight’. The app has a countdown timer to when Santa sets off on his annual around-the-world trip, a map to show where he is in real-time, and a fun game to play. NORAD Tracks Santa is available at the App Store and Google Play.




PopOut! The Night Before Christmas

The best book to read on Christmas Eve is now available as a pop-out version. Gather round and relive the story that has been passed down through the generations in a new digital version. It really doesn’t matter what age you are to enjoy this book, and it is sure to make you feel the magic of Christmas if you’ve lost your Christmas spirit. PopOut! The Night Before Christmas is available at the App Store and Google Play.

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