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15 Ways Apple iWatch Will Change The Future Of Wearables


Regardless of how you feel about Apple, there’s no denying that the company is dominating the tech world. It’s been that way for the last decade or so. Whether it was the iPod, MacBook or iPhone, when Apple releases a product, people don’t want it. They need it. So, why haven’t they released their own piece of wearable tech? Don’t worry. It’s coming.

Apple iWatch

Rumors of the so-called iWatch first began to surface back in December of 2012 after it was reported that Apple was working with Intel on a Bluetooth-enabled watch carrying a 1.5-inch OLED display. In February, 2013, the New York Times stated that the company was working on a watch that would operate on Apple’s iOS platform and feature curved glass. Around that same time, Bloomberg reported that Apple had assembled a team of about 100 product designers to work on a wristwatch-like device. 2013 continued with little blurbs regarding the iWatch, such as a ‘slap bracelet’ patent and filing to trademark the name “iWatch”.

While the flurry of reports surrounding the Apple Watch may have slowed down a bit as of late, which is understandable since Apple has been busy releasing iOS 7 and two new iPhones, we can still expect the iWatch sometime in the near future. It’s unlikely that it will release in 2013, but don’t be surprised if Apple announces their take on the smartwatch within the next year. Until Apple officially unveils the iWatch, we can only speculate on what it will look like and be capable of doing.

With that in mind, here are 15 features that we hope to see included in the iWatch.

1. Extending BlueTooth Range

BlueTooth will be an essential feature of the iWatch. How else will we be able to communicate between the watch and iPhone or iPad? But, for the watch to effective for the times when we get out of range with our iPhone, that range needs to be extended from the usual 50 meters or 160 feet. If not, there could be an annoying alarm that inform us that we’re out of range on a constant basis.

2. Compass & Navigation Equipped

This would be a nifty tool if you need turn-by-turn walking directions. It would work by using the Maps apps to provide the location, the compass will be used to keep track of your current direction, and you simply follow or listen to the directions. More convenient, and safer, than staring at your iPhone. This would be stellar when meeting people via a social discovery app as well.

3. Siri

Siri is essential in that how else will you be able to pull-off the perfect Dick Tracey impression?

4. “What’s That … ?

Something that would be really awesome would asking Siri “What’s That…?” while pointing at a building or landscape. By using the compass, Siri figures the direction you’re pointing and answers your question. It would make you seem a lot more informed when traveling.

5. Find iPhone

Since the iWatch goes along with the iPhone, it would be disastrous if you lost your iPhone. You could find your phone via the watch by simply asking Siri or swiping the screen which will alert your phone. This could also be used so that you don’t forget your phone somewhere. This would work by having an alarm go off when you begin to go of out of range.

Sure, Tile’s Facebook ads look cool, but this could be a built in parent/child functionality between the iPhone and the iWatch.

6. Temperature Control

With the popularity of gadgets like Nest, why wouldn’t Apple want to design a feature where you could control the temperature of your home or office right from your wrist? Maybe someday the iWatch could get a little more advanced and employ a microclimate feature that followed you from room to room.

7. Weather Prediction

It’s a give-in that Apple’s smartwatch will be able to tell you the weather, but what if it could predict the weather? Sounds far-fetched, but it’s completely feasible. By using an altitude map, barometric data conditions could be fed into a supercomputer and release timely information such as the path and strong of a storm.

8. BUMP with a Handshake

Remember how cutting edge the Bump App was back in the day when iPhone came out and you could bump phones with your friends to share each others contact info? Well, think about how cool it would be to do something like this with the ease of a handshake!

No more trading business cards or asking for phone numbers when meeting people, just shake hands with a command and the two iWatches will trade info. Done!

9. Curved Glass


As mentioned earlier, Apple has a patent for a “slap bracelet”. But, what would this be made out of? Curved glass. Basically, this would be a piece of bendable glass. Unlike other watches, it could have a bigger screen and feel more natural around your wrist. This would be the innovating aestical feature that would make the iWatch the industry favorite.

10. Health Sensors

In the same fashion that Fitbit or Jawbone UP monitors steps, sleep and activity, the iWatch should also contain sensors that can monitor everything from your heartbeat to blood pressure, which could be an obvious lifesaving feature.

Since it’s rumored that the iWatch will be designed for healthy-conscience users, it should also store data such as jogging distance and time or critiquing your golf swing.

11. Wireless Charging

Charging the iWatch isn’t a problem. But, what if you could charge it without ever having to remove it from your wrist? Apple does have a patent for such technology, which would allow you to charge your watch from several feet away. A great tool while you’re at work or driving.

12. Video Conferencing & Facetime

The ability to hold a video conference would save a lot of time and money for the work industry. Just imagine sitting in a airport, the backseat of a cab or in your living room and being able to hold a vital video conference while just looking and speaking into your wrist.

13. Ability to Hold Wrist to Face to Talk

One of the most important features regarding the iWatch is that people will want to use it as a phone. Presumably, since the watch is connected to your iPhone and has Bluetooth, this shouldn’t be an issue. Instead of rushing to pull out your phone out of your pocket or bag to answer a call, you swipe and Siri asks the caller to hold until you get your phone out. This is done because the iWatch is about energy management. But, we want to be like Dick Tracey damnit. It’s the 21st Century. And, we need to be able to make and receive phone calls, or least to boss Siri around.

14. AppleTV Remote

AppleTV remotes are the perfectly designed to fall between the cushions of the sofa, to be lost forever. Or thrown in the washing machine while hidden in jean pockets (speaking from experience).

Because all your Apple products are synched up, there shouldn’t be an issue to use the iWatch as a remote for AppleTV. Just imagine watching your favorite show and tapping your watch to pause, resume, fast-forward or rewind at your heart’s content. With all the amazing features, this might be the one that people want the most.

15. Eliminating Passcodes and Passwords

If you’re within range of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, the watch should eliminate the need to constantly entering a passcode or password. You should be able to login immediately. Sure. There’s that while fingerprint thing going on, but something more instant is what the people really want, such as Nymi’s heartbeat or pulse identification. If you’re about security, either a two-factor authentication will be applied and the watch will need to be reauthorized when taken off.

Brace yourself. Whether you’re ready for it or not, the world is one the verge of being overtaken by wearable technology. We’ve already seen the unveiling of Samsung’s highly talked about smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, and Google’s controversial Project Glass. Both products will be arriving on shelves in the immediate future. And Apple iWatch will be next.

What do you want to see on the Apple iWatch??


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