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10 Life Lessons We Learned From Pugs

no judge pug

Everyone is different. Celebrate your differences and don’t be a judge pug.



Pugs are everywhere you look these days and its by no mistake. These little guys have got life down pat so we decided to see how they’re grown to such awesomeness. Here are the life lessons we learned from pugs. 

crazy pug

Choose friends who love you for you. Even if you are a little crazy in the inside .

pug dancing

Dance like no ones watching.Do what you find fun. And if you can make a buck…

baked potato pug

The whole world is a fancy restaurant, make yourself the main course not a side dish.

pug selfie

There is only one you for all time fearlessly be yourself but don’t be afraid to show your silly side.


Sometimes to get things done you gotta get a little dirty and represent the #Puglife.

lady pug

Tiny obstacles can seem insurmountable from the bottom. Climb to the top and make them look smaller.

black and white pug

Find happiness in the simple things. You never know who’s falling in love with your smile.

gamer pug

Small victories do not make you a small pug. Play like a champion every day.

anger pug

No matter how great you are you can’t please every pug.


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