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Most Awesome 2014 World Cup Commercials On YouTube


By Matt Heckler

If you can’t get enough of the World Cup coverage and are interested to see all the hot products advertising with the World Cup, we’ve got a list here for you! From an epic short film by one of the biggest manufacturers of athletic equipment in the world to one of the best known sports networks anywhere, we’ve got five of the best World Cup commercials on YouTube.


This commercial clocks in at over five minutes, and is really more of a short film that just an advertisement. Promoting Nike and the World Cup, it features CGI versions of World Cup soccer players in a very epic story where they united to take on an evil army of soccer clones. Kind of silly, but actually pretty cool for a commercial!


Beats by Dr. Dre

Another five minute short film in commercial form, this one promotes Beats by Dr. Dre, one of the biggest selling headphones ever. It’s a montage featuring all sorts of different World Cup players wearing different variations of the headphones while they get ready for their big games. Naturally, music is a big part and it uses really powerful music to get the viewer psyched up for the soccer and the headphones themselves.


This one shows the passion of all sides of the contest, in a one minute Visa commercial where a Frenchman walks into an Italian restaurant and draws some ire from the crowd when he gets a little excited when his team scores. Naturally, things are all okay again when Italy evens up the score. Funny stuff!

KIA feat. Adriana Lima

Here’s a collection of funny TV spots for KIA and the World Cup, featuring Adriana Lima. She goes from place to place where people are enjoying other sports to get them to change to soccer (futbol). Naturally, since the ads feature a model in the lead, they rely pretty heavily on being titillating, but they’re still pretty entertaining.


ESPN goes for straight American inspirational fervor with this one, which builds to an epic chant by a huge crowd of people cheering on Team USA at the World Cup. Whether you’re rooting for the Americans are not, it’s hard not to get excited when you see this!

Which World Cup commercial is YOUR favorite?

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