Most Extreme Selfies: Skyscrapers, Bulls and Bears


The selfie phenomenon just keeps getting wilder, and the most recent stunt performed by a group of Russian daredevils may just be the most extreme selfie take yet. But the fearless three who scaled a skyscraper in Hong kong are not the only ones out there capturing themselves in unforgettable and perilous moments.


The Skyscraper Selfie


Now here is a selfie that is very unlikely to be reenacted across the world. Alexander Remnov, aged 19-years-old, and two of his pals took a stroll around Hong Kong and picked out one of the largest skyscrapers on the skyline. They then decided to climb up the entire building, to the very top and then even clambered up through narrow metal bars to get the shot they wanted. In fact, it wasn’t just one of the most extreme selfies ever taken, because they also made a video. Check it out below:



The Grizzly Bear Selfie

A bizarre grizzly bear selfie craze seems to be spreading through the Unites States at the moment, well the states that have these majestic creatures anyway. It has become that big that U.S. Forest Service officials have had to issue a warning to members of the public telling them to not take bear selfies. The real risks are spelled out by Nancy Gibson, a Forest Supervisor in Lake Tahoe, who explained, “Bears are unpredictable, wild animals and may attack if threatened. People are risking serious injury or death if they get too close to a bear.”



The Bull Run Selfie

If posing close to a grizzly bear wasn’t bad enough, what about trying to take a selfie while running in front of a charging bull? It has been happening over in Spain at the annual San Fermin Festival in Pamplona. In fact, photos taken of men attempting this risky act have been used by local Police to pursue the culprits and charge them with risking the lives of other spectators.




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