Move Over Selfies, It’s Time for Shapies – 3D Models from Shapify


First selfies took the world by storm, then we were all treated to our favorite celebrities showing off their belfies, but now it’s time to make way for shapies! A company called Artec has developed a photo booth that takes a 3D image of a person, or group of people, and then in just fifteen minutes the scan is complete and ready to print! Your 3D scan can then be sent off to be printed into a color statue 1/10th of your actual size, like having your very own action figure of yourself!


Taking a Shapie

Artec has created special Shapify photo booths that are now popping up in supermarkets, airports and other public venues across the world. The whole 3D modeling process takes place at one of these booths. You stand in one of these photo booths for 12 seconds and your entire body is scanned. Your 3D scan is then ready to preview in 3 minutes, giving you the opportunity to change it if necessary. If all good to go, your complete 3D scan is ready in 15 minutes. For around $100 you can have your own color statue printed out and delivered to you house within a few days.


Inventive Idea or Over The Top?

There are so many ways you could have fun with the Shapify photo booth, like dressing up with your friends at Halloween and getting a model to remember it by. On the other hand, some people may scoff at the idea of having an actual model of themselves made. Will 3D models of ourselves will take off in a similar way to selfies and belfies? We’ll have to wait and see to find out.


Find a Shapify Booth Near You

There are scanning points in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, China, Russia, Indonesia, across much of Europe and beyond. If you’re interested in getting your very own shapie made, then check out this map of scanning points to quickly find your nearest scanning booth.



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