museum of selfies

Museum of Selfies: Works of Art Snapping Themselves


Selfies are a new phenomenon, but portraits of people have been created for hundreds of years. Before cameras were invented people with enough money would hire a painter to create an image of themselves. Think of all the paintings of kings and queens, presidents and politicians, all of these are kind of like the first form of selfies. But what if we could see what it looked like for these people to actually take a selfie of themselves? Well, a lady over in Denmark has found a simple way for us to see, and the results are astonishing.

museum of selfies

Welcome to the Museum of Selfies

Olivia Muus was visiting the National Gallery of Denmark when the idea for the Museum of Selfies came to her in a flash. She took her first picture, with friend Sophie Hotchkiss stepping in as ‘the hand’, and was amazed at how well it all fitted. By holding a camera phone in the frame and taking a photo of an old painting, it really looks like the subject of the painting is taking a selfie.

museum of selfies

Transforming Art

It provides an incredibly contemporary angle of how fine art can be viewed, and was very simple for Olivia to do. She explains how she felt when she took her first photo: “I took a picture for fun and liked how this simple thing could change their character and give their facial expression a whole new meaning.”


A Growing Collection

There are already tonnes of famous pieces of art taking selfies on her blog, which can be seen at One of the most notable historical figures to feature is Jesus Christ! Olivia welcomes anyone from across the world to submit their selfies to the Museum of Selfies, so visit your local Museum or Art Gallery and send them off to

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