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Okay, so you say you’ve been searching for a hot social network dominated by your direct opposites gender wise, one primarily visual with nonsense and more in mind? Well, you should investigate ON.com I guess. From one perspective, this new network is the Y Generation version of the disco craze Boomers once explored – a sort of Saturday Night Fever sharing and meetup community. Then too, there are those who would call ON the world’s best meat market, rather than best online chat site. Who are they, you decide.

On.com network

On.com basic layout, tuned to me being a dude I guess.

Summing up what ON is about does not take a lot of imagination. Imagine Pinterest with instant messaging made up of a matrix of 20 something chicks primarily, and gals localized (apparently) for a particular user’s region. I assume two things in posting this blurb about the platform. First, that 23 year old Nat from Copenhagen knows her picture, once posted onto the Internet, will be here for all time. And secondly, 68 likes from guys around the world has nothing to do with her advanced degree in nuclear physics.


Nat from Copenhagen – courtesy ON.com

Finding “Who’s On” on On is a bit like Pinterest for humans in a way, but I have to say the system is organized very well. The default is “Who’s On” in your area, which is why I expect Nat up there showed up in my version. Users can filter by a wide array of attributes. Choosing Who’s On worldwide, now, by most popular, and so on, makes discovering peeps drop dead simple. You can also figure out who is looking at you too.

Needless to say choosing “most popular” ends up showing girls (in the boy case) with the most prevalent endowments etc. But have no fear you outside Y Generation potentials out there, you can even filter by age range too. The image below shows these “endowments” cumulatively. If ever there were a website that promotes cyber flirts, this one takes the cake.


Most popular ON gals and age range sorting etc.

Now, since I know you Y Generation folks hate reading and hand much rather “look or watch”, I leave you to your new social toy. Yeah, I know you left already. Just in case though, and to show this writer is not sexist, there are actually guy profiles on ON. Niki below is from Switzerland and he owns a really nice old drop top. :) For those who hung in, here’s the app at Google Play.

Courtesy Niki and On.com



ON is a party no matter what. Embrace the awesome. Use it to meet people locally & worldwide through photos. Download our app for free and meet people through photos.

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