It’s Pebble Time! New Smartwatch Crowdfunds $4 million In Under 3 Hours


A new smartwatch called Pebble Time launched on Kickstarter last week and quickly became the fastest funded project in the history of the popular crowdfunding website. Within just 50 minutes the  project had gained $1 million in funding, and three hours in it had already pushed past the $4 million mark. The goal of the project was to raise $500,000 over the course of a month.


The Pebble is Back

The smartwatch makers at Pebble do have some practice when it comes to Kickstarter campaigns, as they raised $13.2 million of funding for their first smartwatch in 2012. Even now the original Pebble smartwatch is still selling well. Their next generation smartwatch has been improved on all fronts, and comes at a time when Apple are gearing up for the launch of their highly anticipated smartwatch offering.


What’s New

So, lets dig into what the new Pebble Time is bringing to the smartwatch party. First up, the biggest change from it predecessor has to be its color e-paper display. On top of that the watch is fitted with a microphone so it can send voice replies to text messages and emails, and the battery lasts for a whole week. It’s also less than 1cm thick at 9.5mm, has an ergonomic design to fit around the curve of your wrist, and it’s water resistant up to 5 metres depth, so fine to wear in the shower or while having a swim.


The Timeline

The operating system for Pebble Time is also different to the existing Pebble watch. It is created around the new Pebble system called Timeline, and the watch has three buttons on the side that will bring up past events, present events and future events. Read a message sent 10 minutes ago, see the latest score of a sports match, and then find out what the weather is doing later that day. To see and hear more about Pebble Time check out the Kickstarter campaign video below:



When Can You Get One?

Go straight to the Pebble Time Kickstarter page to make a pledge of $159 to get the new smartwatch before they are released for sale, or wait and buy one for $199 when they are officially released.




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