Posting Drunk Selfies? Facebook will Stop You


Posting embarrassing photos to social media has long been one of those inevitable regrets after a big night out or a friends house party, but this unfortunate side effect of too much of a good time could soon be a thing of the past. Facebook is developing a tool within its privacy settings that will prompt you not to post a photo when it looks as if you are inebriated. How? Let’s find out…


The Intelligent Digital Assistant

Deep inside the Artificial Intelligence laboratory at Facebook headquarters, chief technician Yann LeCun is hard at work developing what he calls the ‘Intelligent Digital Assistant’, kind of like a virtual secretary who takes a quick look at the photos you post on your wall. If a photo is deemed to be an image that could have consequences for you in family or work life, your virtual secretary will advise you whether posting it publicly is a good idea.


The Tech Behind It

In the same way that Facebook scans photos you post and attempts to match faces to your Facebook friends to make tagging easier, the new privacy app will do the same. Instead of just recognizing faces though, it will scan the faces of your photos to see if anybody is looking a little too cheerful, or perhaps ill if your at the wrong end of the drunkenness scale. Then you’ll receive a prompt asking whether you want to post publicly or just to a select group of friends.

 drunk photo fail

Deeper Learning

Facebook is investing heavily in artificial intelligence research to see if they can actually bring the way their popular social media network works closer to how actual human beings think and react. By anticipating problems and recognising actions that could not be in your best interests Facebook could pave the way for new innovations in social media.



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