Project Ara – Build Your Own Smartphone


You might be reading this article on a smartphone, but would you believe that the majority of the world’s population don’t own a smartphone. A whopping 5 billion people across the world do not own a smartphone, but Google’s Project Ara aims to change this. The objective is simple enough; allow people to create their own smartphone to exactly match their needs. Essentially, it’s a build-your-own-smartphone campaign…



Modular Smartphones


Smartphones are made of a variety of components, the camera, touchscreen, memory, battery, speakers and the list goes on. When you buy a smartphone you have little choice in mixing up these components, you just have to find the closest match to what you want or need. By creating a modular smartphone, Google is attempting to put the power in the hands of consumers. Want a better camera? That’s fine. Need extra memory for all those photos? No problem. You can swap and change, upgrade and downgrade, replace broken parts and that’s just the start. Project Ara gives you the power to create your very own personalised smartphone.


Starting From Scratch


Google has created a base module to add all the other modules to, it’s called Spiral 2. They are already working on Spiral 3 to improve on the work they have already done. They have also created the Ara Marketplace and Ara Configurator apps to help users customise their phones and ensure all the pieces work together in harmony. The Ara Manager app that lets you configure and troubleshoot your new phone. In the case that you put two cameras on your phone, the Ara Manager app would alert you to choose which one to use.


Launching Now


The text country for Project Ara is Puerto Rico, where Google is sending out food truck style mobile sales vans where people can test the phone and see how it works. If all goes well we will soon see Project Ara rolling out in other countries across the world.

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