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Quiz: Which Star Wars Character Are You?


QUIZ: Which Star Wars Character Are You?

Star Wars is everywhere these days as the excitement continues to build over the new films. We’re definitely getting a whole new trilogy, in addition to spinoff films like a movie specifically about Boba Fett. Nerds everywhere rejoice! For those of you interested in a bit of quizzy fun, we’ve designed this quiz to find out which Star Wars character YOU are.

1. What is your preferred style of combat?

A. I’m an expert with a lightsaber, and only getting better.
B. I know my way around a blaster, but I’d rather just shoot you before the fight actually starts.
C. A blaster in each hand, unless I want you alive.
D. I’m capable with a bowcaster but my main strength is in hand-to-hand combat.
E. I am not the fighter I used to be, so I’m generally more likely to manipulate others to fight for me.

2. What are your views on the Force?

A. The Force is all of us. Maintaining peace with the force is where I get all of my strength.
B.  It probably exists, but I’m more about keeping myself alive with things I control directly.
C. It doesn’t matter. I’m not being paid to worry about the Force.
D. I believe in the Force, although I don’t know much about it personally.
E. The Force is a tool that I can bend to my will to destroy my enemies.

3. What is your home world like?

A. Dry, empty, deserted, and boring.
B. A large city-world full of crime.
C. I was born surrounded by aliens, but moved away when my father died.
D. A jungle world full of huge trees.
E. A terrible place full of slavery and crime.

4. Which word would you say best describes you?

A. Adventurous
B. Cunning
C. Capable
D. Loyal
E. Powerful

5. How are you most likely to spend your spare time?

A. Tinkering with gadgets
B. Gambling
C. Working more
D. Playing tabletop games
E. Beating up subordinates


6ffb6b349d288eaa452d8e7cc3ee3714d179e71927ac9a231d1a38361eafc943Mostly A’s: Luke Skywalker

You’re the hero of the story, and the son of Darth Vader himself. You were born with a gift in the Force, and with the help of Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, you’ve managed to become arguably the most powerful being in the galaxy.




images-2Mostly B’s: Han Solo

Although you have a bit of a gruff personality, those who get to know you realize you’re outstandingly loyal and capable. You’re an important part of the rebellion against the Empire, having a hand in the destruction of both Death Stars and leading countless battles in between.


download (4)Mostly C’s: Boba Fett

One of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy, you managed to capture Han Solo, and he is just one of many bounties you’ve pulled off. You also, amazingly, survived being swallowed by a sarlacc pit monster on Tatooine, later climbing out of its stomach. That takes a lot of guts!

tumblr_n56g9snLe41sqy3fyo1_500Mostly D’s: Chewbacca

You’re a loyal friend to Han Solo and the entirety of the Skywalker clan. You may be all about brute force when you need to get something done, but you are widely admired by everyone who can call you a friend.

1-comment-from-luke-skywalker-amp-quot-nooooooooo-amp-quot_o_2554509Mostly E’s : Darth Vader

One of the most evil dudes in the galaxy, you fell to the dark side of the Force, thinking that the power would allow you to save your loved ones. You’re a very powerful person, and second only to Emperor Palpatine himself in control of the galaxy.



Where were your results?



By Matt Heckler  Twitter : @androiddreamer

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