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Release Your Inner Entrepreneur Apps to Reach Your Goals


Have a great business idea but struggling to get it off the ground? Even the best ideas just stay ideas unless action is taken, but it can take hard work. To keep you on track there are a whole range of entrepreneur apps that are designed specifically to help you achieve your goals and transform your ideas into reality. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t come easy, but these apps should help you along the way.



StickK is the perfect app for getting things off the ground and moving. It was actually designed by behavioural economists from Yale University, and its core focus is to make you commit to a goal and achieve it. One way to push you to take those first steps with a business idea is by putting your hard earned cash on the line. In fact, you are 3 times more likely to achieve a goal when you bet on yourself. You put your goal in writing and set a deadline, even treat yourself to incentives if you smash your target. Putting cash on the line is optional of course, but this app does a great job of getting you to step things up a gear. StickK is available on both iOS and Android devices.



You’ve probably heard of Evernote before, maybe you’re even already using it, but for a new project every entrepreneur should be using Evernote. For organising your thoughts and collecting research it’s simply indispensable, an awesome tool for making notes, saving webpages, and quickly capturing ideas while on the go. It works and syncs across all devices, and the powerful search feature means finding anything from your research is quick and easy. Once you commit to realising your idea Evernote will help to get you there quicker. Download Evernote for iOS and Android.



Once things are truly up and running, you’ll no doubt need some help along the way, and this is where Trello comes in. It’s a project management app that helps you to connect all the people working on your project with you. You can assign tasks, view completed work within the app, approve and request changes, and much more. Trello lets you see a broad overview of your project and then drill down into individual areas, makings sure you stay in command of your project. Start using the Trello app on iOS and Android.




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