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Selfie Drones – For When a Selfie Stick Just Won’t Cut It


If 2014 was the year of the selfie stick, then 2015 could well be the year of the selfie drones. Drone technology has really taken off in recent years, and already plenty of people are using them to shoot video and take pictures, but most drones are pretty expensive and not directly associated with taking selfies. Now there are three selfie drones (and expect many more over the course of the year) that are either in development or available to buy. Imagine sitting in a restaurant when suddenly a selfie drone appears in the air snapping shots of the diners eating next to you… scary or cool?



One of the most interesting selfie drones in development has to be the Nixie, a wearable selfie drone. It wraps around your wrist when not in use, and when you’re ready just unfold the arms and let it fly. It can take 1080p images and video, and has a very interesting boomerang mode. The way this works is that when you release the Nixie, it flies out a few metres from you, snaps your selfie, then returns to your hand automatically. Cool huh!





The ELF-VRDrone could really shake up the selfie drone market once it becomes available to buy, as it is open, meaning that any programmer can access, alter and improve the platform it uses to operate. ElecFreaks have been developing the ELF-VRDrone since last year, and even promise to integrate virtual reality by being able to share live streaming videos in 3D. This one looks special…





The Zano selfie drone managed to raise over $3.4 million with its Kickstarter campaign last year, which just goes to show how many people out there want a selfie drone. An intelligent selfie drone that fits in your hand and is able to avoid obstacles by itself, preorders are being accepted now with expected delivery time in July this year. The Zano can even track you by keeping the same distance from your smartphone at all times. Spooky.




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